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If your business is as unique as you are, then you are guaranteed to have unique ideas, techniques, products, and services. These can, and should be, protected so that you and your shareholders can get maximum ROI from your business assets. I help you find and monetise your most valuable assets - the Missing 80%.

Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind and you should ALWAYS protect your ideas first before launching your product or making it public. Every business has IP. Every person has IP. But these are usually swarming around in a cloud of uncertainty in most businesses and cannot be harnessed to drive profitability. Your Intangible Assets can, and should be, harnessed and used to completely re-invent your venture.

Of course, some businesses don't need to protect their ideas, because they're big and can flood the market, but if you're in a competitive niche there's a proven 3-step process to follow for extreme value creation from your intangibles.

You can share your ideas more freely once protected and you can use your protected Intellectual Property to attract investors.


Startups with patent portfolios get 73% more funding.*

They also halve their chances of going bankrupt, and quadruple their chances of listing on the stock exchange.  There simply is no value multiplier like your protected point of difference.

IP refers to creations of the mind which can be protected to help you protect your idea, generate cash, and keep competitors away.  


IP can be split up into a few categories:

  1. Patents - for technical inventions

  2. Trade marks - to protect brands, logos, names, phrases

  3. Design rights - to protect the shape of new objects

  4. Copyright - to protected literary, musical, or artistic work

  5. Trade secrets - to protect business processes, customer lists, know-how, show-how, etc.


All of these can be monetised if done in the right way, which is what I can help with.

If done correctly, the sequence is PROTECT. LAUNCH. PROFIT - if you launch before you've protected your ideas, others will copy it (if it's a lucrative idea of course - if it's a terrible idea, no-one's going to copy it).


*(Mann, et al, 2007 - an average of 73% percent more funding, with an average funding gap of $10.7 million)


 Learn More About Protecting Your Intellectual Property in Australia>>

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