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Carel Smit is an author, public speaker, and former patent attorney dedicated to teaching CEOs and innovative companies how to protect, launch and profit from their unique ideas using the power of Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets.

Having formerly served as Intellectual Property counsel for an S&P Global 100 company, Carel’s publications, talks and executive coaching have shown thousands of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs how to identify and protect their valuable Intellectual Property and use it to attract funding, drive profitability, and collaborate freely with others.

A child of Africa, his heart beats for innovators and creators around the world that want to use their talents to help others. His techniques help companies by showing innovators how to be resourceful in identifying and unlocking new opportunities so that they can launch new products with confidence and leverage their proprietary knowledge to drive massive growth and profitability. He has developed proprietary methodology which ensures that your business development and enterprise growth can be massively boosted using the power of Intellectual Property.

In his former career a patent attorney he wrote high stakes patents in the fields of biotechnology, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, mining, and medical devices and monetized patents for internet, e-commerce, and communications technologies. Although he tasted early success in his career as the founder of two IP practices on two continents, several life-threatening health issues that he had ignored helped him realise that he needed to follow his true calling and help others reach their full potential through entrepreneurship.


A business columnist and radio personality, his articles have been featured in numerous publications around the world, while his career as speaker on entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property monetization have helped him to influence thousands of innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators.

Keen to use his IP skills for the greater good, he co-founded a medical devices company which has helped countless diabetic patients avoid amputations and live lives of greatly increased quality.

He has served as casual lecturer in entrepreneurship, management, and product development at leading Australian and foreign universities and has been a regular presenter at MBA and advanced business and biotech programs. He has advised CEOs, CFOs and steering committees of multinational companies, Nobel laureates, music stars, and numerous non-profit organisations.

He is the author of IP IS EVERYTHING, a revolutionary book for CEOs and innovators which exposes techniques, tools, and hacks used by titans of the corporate world to disrupt the market and propel us into a radical new future. It will launch in summer 2018.

  • Medical devices entrepreneur

  • Patent attorney qualified in three countries

  • Speaker on entrepreneurship

  • BSc, BSc (Hons) (Genetics)

  • MSc (Genetics)

  • LLB (Bachelor of Laws)

  • M.IP (Master of Intellectual Property)

  • MPhil Bioscience Enterprise (Cambridge - Candidate 2018)

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