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Through my strategy advisory, INTANGBL, we will teach you and your team incredibly useful techniques, shortcuts, and cost-saving measures to identify, protect, and monetise your concepts.

Our clients find incredible value in our Intangible Asset Discovery service, which highlights key inventions and cost effective strategies to exploit them.

We frequently work with CEOs and C-suite executives to help them make more money using their unique Intellectual Property. We have served as close advisor to high-level executives in Global 100 companies, the governments of two countries, two of the largest research organisations in the southern hemisphere, a world-leading leading neuromuscular research centre, some of the largest resources companies in the world, and more than 10 world-class universities.

The most value is usually derived by CEOs of high-growth companies and funded startups who don’t have access to an in-house IP team. We keep your IP costs under control and give impartial advice – we're not here to sell you a patent or trade mark.

If you are a funder or investor and have a portfolio of companies, then I am happy to speak to you about ways in which we can train your CEOs and founders to be more IP-savvy.  I work on a retainer basis with a minimum of 3 contacts per quarter cycle.

I also compile custom-made IP governance, compliance, and risk training courses suitable for universities and businesses, to ensure effective IP governance and compliance. I use various standard modules which we have developed and which have proven to be successful in communicating the IP goals of a company or just for general interest.  This training has proven to be successful in establishing why IP is so important to businesses today and provides easy-to-follow, clear cut instructions and follow-up which make it easy to implement an IP Roadmap in your corporation.

Fill in the form below if you require guidance on how to increase your returns on your IP or if you want to develop an IP strategy for your business.

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