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Using The Power of IP to Escape the 9-to-5

So if you’re an entrepreneur, start-up CEO, or someone who’s trying to escape the daily grind with your killer idea, then read this. I assume that you’re sick of the 9 to 5, you’ve read Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week, and you’re planning your escape.

You’ve gone to every start-up seminar and information day (hoping your boss isn’t there, because you know he's dying in the cubicle farm just as much as you are), you’ve thought up a slick-sounding name, conceptualized every little aspect of your dream product, read The Secret (in case you need it), ruthlessly pared back your expenses, subscribed to the Harvard Business Review, stuck some of Sir Richard Branson’s inspirational quotes on the wall behind your computer, but you’re still not sure about one thing: that crucial first step into the unknown wilderness; that first step that spells make or break for your new life. The step beyond which everything changes and you take charge of your own destiny, where you hitch your wagon to your own dreams, not someone else’s.

I know the feeling – I’ve lived though it myself as an entrepreneur, and I’ve seen it played out in the excitement and anxiety that I dealt with in a previous life when I was a patent lawyer working with young inventors, new start-ups, and corporate innovators. Intellectual property isn’t just for gadgets any longer – it’s now a mainstay of how business is done and the sooner you realize and accept that, the sooner you can create your own IP-centric enterprise that uses IP rights optimally to drive culture, profits, morale, ethics, and strategy.

This book will take you through every single step along the way, from conceptualizing your idea, protecting your concept, exploiting the technology and, uniquely for a book directed at start-ups, I will show you how to profit from the IP rights themselves. Whether you believe the patent system is broken or not (and believe me, it has some pretty big problems), you will simply have to learn how to use it better than your competitors to ensure the survival of your brainchild.

Your First Question – How Do I Stop Them Stealing My Idea?

If you’re new to this game, then the movie goes something like this: you’ve got a great idea, you’re lying awake at night fretting about it, you’ve done as much research as you can (you think), but you’re unsure what to do to get it up and running. You’re simply too scared to tell someone about your idea, thinking that it’s going to get stolen, corrupted or plagiarized. Thing is, once you get going (…if you get going) and folks see you making money, then you know that every Tom, Dick, and Sally will be out there copying you. And perhaps even doing it better than you.

With your idea.

Even worse, what if one of the really big companies picks it up and ends up crushing you? We’ve all heard the nightmarish stories of the lone inventor fighting the world, being beaten up by the big guys, and losing it all. And believe me, this does happen – not as often as everyone thinks – but it’s certainly not a myth either.