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thoughts & notes ON IP AND BUSINESS

27 Oct 2017

Intellectual property (IP) refers to the property rights attached to creations of your mind. In other words, it refers to your proprietary knowledge. This can be an invention, industrial design, brand, artistic work, method of doing something, or even the application o...

5 Sep 2017

Think back to a time in your childhood or at university, or perhaps in a career situation, where you did something creative or special.  Perhaps you were in school and had studied hard for a test, only to have someone else copy your answers.  Or you may have come up wi...

18 Aug 2017

OK, I know you're probably at work and shouldn't be reading this right now, but it's been a hectic week, and I've had a great time meeting with startups and innovators all over Perth...

Sure, Perth isn't the world's biggest innovation hotspot, but over the past week I'v...

7 Aug 2017

Not everyone needs to be, or should feel compelled to be, an entrepreneur. But if you don't want to work for yourself, make sure you network as much as possible

4 Aug 2017

UPDATE: Shortly after this post, I was taken to hospital and had an emergency appendix removal…

THIS is going to be the year of deep work for me.  Perhaps that should be Deep Work, but then again, that sounds a bit dubious, so let’s stick to deep work.

What I mean i...

5 Jan 2017

The most useful, yet boring, patent advice you will read. Ever.

Patenting is essentially a multi-step process, with the first two steps being spaced 12 months apart.

The first step is to file a provisional patent application adequately describing your invention. This is...

23 Sep 2016

Let me tell you the story of how Volkswagen lost the rights to the most prestigious brand in the world.

In 1998, Rolls Royce, the famous car manufacturer, was losing money hand over fist and they were on the brink of collapsing. So their controlling company, Vickers, de...

22 Jul 2016

The first step is to decide whether you want to patent your idea at all. You always have three options:

  1. Patent It

  2. Keep it secret

  3. Publish It

There are pros and cons associated with each of these. Patents cost money, result in your idea being published aft...

3 Jul 2016

The first step you need to take when embarking on a new venture is to see whether there is anything exactly like your idea out there. While Google and other Internet search engines are amazingly handy in showing you what’s available in the world, don’t discount good ol...

31 May 2016

Here are a few tips to help your idea go somewhere.  These are guidelines to ensure you don’t become that grumpy old guy/gal who blames everyone for their problems in life while claiming that they ‘invented’ the Internet/CD/mobile phone/computer mouse/[insert random gr...

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