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10 May 2015

It all started in June 2007 when a tall, arresting, blonde woman walked into a small copy shop in Surrey, UK.  She had with her a folder containing a document of some 780 pages in length.  She asked the weary clerk behind the counter to copy the 780 pages and scan them...

19 Apr 2014

It was June 2011.  Nortel Networks was sinking, and sinking fast.  This Canadian behemoth, one of the juggernauts of the communications industry, had run into insurmountable financial difficulties and was on its way to final bankruptcy.

At its peak in the 1990s, it...

7 Mar 2014

The following is an extract from my upcoming book, in which I explore the role that IP and intangible assets play in the new economy we’re entering.  

I also want to show start-ups how to launch “IP-centric” ventures in which their IP feeds back into the company at all...

1 Feb 2014

Here’s an article from Thomson Reuters which British clients might find interesting.

The UK recently promulgated new legislation that cuts the corporate tax rate on income derived from patented technologies.  A new paper published by Thomson Reuters identifies specific...

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